Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk V1.0.86 [VIP Version]

Hello mod users, today I am going to give you Lexis Audio Editor mod apk You know that Lexis Audio Editor mod apk is a very good audio editor app. With this, you can edit any audio very easily like you can crop it in the middle and you can add any sound effect in the middle, very easily this app has been done by many people. I often use it to edit audio and to make a ringtone of any songs. In Lexis Audio Editor mod Apk you will get many amazing features which you can install immediately on seeing, then I have told all the features in full details below, you can read below.

Lexis Audio Editor app then you will find it in the play store but you will not be able to take advantage of many features in them because you will have to invest some money to use those features but… but… but… here you will Lexis Audio Editor mod apk free, in which you can take advantage of all its features.

    What is Lexis Audio Editor Apk?

    😊Audio Editor is the best in class Music Editor. It has all the advance and professional music editing features like Audio Cutter to Trim and Creates Ringtones, Audio Mixer to Mix Songs, Audio Merger to Combine Songs, Audio Converter to Change Audio Format, Video to mp3- an Audio Extractor and Tag Editor to Change Metadata like Album art, Album name, etc.

    The most powerful and complete Audio Editor! It has all the features you would ever want in an Audio Editor!! Trim Audio – MP3 Cutter for Ringtones, Merge two or more audio files, Mix Audio Clips, Change Metadata fields like Art Cover, Music Album name etc, Convert from one format to another - MP3, AAC, WAV … and the list of app features goes on!!

    Music Editor is a very useful Audio Editor, MP3 Cutter, Ringtone Maker, Song Editor.

    With Music Editor, you can cut out a certain part of music as a ringtone, alarm tone, and notification tone.

    In addition to trim audio feature, you can also use Music Editor to connect multiple audio files into one, convert audio formats, convert video to audio, compress the quality of audio, and edit audio metadata, you can also change the volume level of the audio, and more.

    The most powerful and complete MP3 Editor, It has all the features you would ever want in a Music Editor.

    Lexis Audio Editor full APK is a free app that is popular by the name of pamsys designed for the Android and ios platform. And the interface of this app is very easy designed for users.

    Lexis Audio Editor has got 500,000+ installations with an average user rating of 4.4 stars in Google Playstore. It has some exceptional user reviews and ratings. Lexis Audio Editor is the best in the industry for the Tools category. If you haven’t Downloaded Lexis Audio Editor app for your Android mobile here is the Google Playstore link for you –

    Download Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk

    Lexis Audio Editor
    Current Version
    V 1.0.86
    25 MB
    Requires Android
    5.0 And Up
    Need Root

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    Explained All Features

    - Trim Audio: Crop a part of the audio as a ringtone, alarm, and notification tone.
    - Merge Audio: Connect multiple audio files into one.
    - Convert Audio: Change one music format to another, such as: AAC to MP3, M4A to MP3, MP3 to WAV and so on.
    - My Creations: All processed audio files will be displayed here, you can re-edit, delete or share them.
    - Mix Audio: You can mix two music into one, and you can also adjust the volume level of the music.
    - Compress Audio: You can compress audio by changing the channel, sample rate and bit rate.
    - Tag Editor: You can change metadata of audio, such as: title, album, composer, year, and cover.
    - Split Audio: If you need to split an audio into two parts, you can use this feature.
    - Reverse Audio: Reverse the audio and plays it in reverse.
    - Speed Editor: Edit audio speed, fast forward, slow down.
    - Remove Part: Remove a part of the audio.
    - Mute Part: Part of the audio can be muted.
    - Volume Booster:You can change the volume level of audio.

    MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker: Use Mp3 Cutter to Cut Best Part of Your Audio Song & Save it. Create awesome ringtones using this Song Cutter. Mp3 cutter supports cutting of MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, AMR, etc. Mp3 Cutter includes Waveform of music tracks, Start & End Points of Track, 3 level zooming function, etc. for accurate and easy trimming.

    Audio Mixer and Mashup Maker: Mix two Audio of any format to create new remixes. You can select the part of Audios you want to mix and you can also control the volume of two Audios in your mashup. Watch a preview and Save Your mixes.

    Audio Merger: Combine songs using Audio Merger. Merge two or more songs and create a single song using this Song Joiner. You can merge Audio files of Different formats with no loss in Audio Quality. Fade In / Fade Out can also be used while Merging songs.

    Mp3 Converter and Audio Format Changer: Convert Audio files from one format to another. You can choose one of the following Audio formats for your Output MP3, WAV, AAC, and MP4. Select the Sample rate from 32K, 64K, 128K, and 192K. Create good quality audio with a higher sample rate or a small size audio file with a lower Sample rate.

    Audio Extractor and Video to Audio Converter: Convert Video to an Audio File. Extract audio of any video and save it. Select the part of the Video you want to convert in Audio. Choose from one of the supported audio formats.

    Tag Editor and Metadata changer: Create your own music with all metadata or change Song Title / Song Name, Artist / Singer Name, Album Name/ Album Title Genre, Year and more of any Audio files. You can also use any Image in Art cover / Album Art.

    Omit Audio: Use Audio Omitter to cut and remove a part from your Audio Song.

    Split Audio: Use Audio Splitter to Split an audio file into two parts and save both the parts of Audio.

    My Studio: You can see all your Creations in “My Studio”. You can Play, Share and Delete and of Your created audio files from here.


    Bugfix SD-card access 
    Fix bugs.
    Fix crashes.

    How To Install

    To manually install any third-party app you will need to allow unknown source permission from your device.

    Go to Settings of your Android device
    Click on Security
    There you will find the Unknown Sources option.
    Click and Turn it on.
    Now download the latest Lexis Audio Editor mod apk.
    Click on Lexis Audio Editor mod apk file to install.
    Now Click on Install.
    Wait for a few seconds and you will see Lexis Audio Editor mod apk installed on your device
    Click on Done and Launch the app to start using the Lexis Audio Editor mod apk application.

    Some Users Review

    Tom Riddle

    This app is not very versatile for many things but the thing it does, it does best, this app could be not only recomended but encourage for basic music recording, as it adds background and foreground seperatly, not many apps will do that, i will venture to say 99% of free apps dont give this type of freedom.it gives you the options to record on the spot or import, either way i think its one of a kind. On the downside it takes a little while to get used to the interface but its not that hard.
    Tom Mannion

    I use this app to record my thoughts when I am driving and, as it is unlawful to use a phone whilst driving, I just keep it recording during the journey and talk loudly when ideas come to me. Later, I use the Noise Reduction facility to minimise background noise. Then I cut out the quieter bits and I am left with my "brilliant ideas". Great app for his as I can see my voice in the wave-form. Thanks

    Paul Claridge

    Excellent android editor filters + Eq, converter plus recorder all in one application for audio needs. Work wonders for audio files I had processed Fast and efficient. Great work team paid app has even more features πŸ‘.


    best audio app in the world , i would recommend to everyone. And its good for making launchpad unipad project. Sub to my yt channel is Zeeklo and yeah im going to make new vid soon, see ya in my comment section πŸ˜πŸ‘

    FAQ  Lexis Audio Editor Mod Apk

    Q. Is Lexis Audio Editor mod apk good?
    ANS. Yes, it best for android devices, ios, and windows.

    Q. Is Lexis Audio Editor mod apk free?
    ANS. Yes, you can download Lexis Audio Editor mod apk free of cost

    Q: How Can I download Lexis Audio Editor mod apk for Free?
    Ans. To use Lexis Audio Editor mod apk Free Visit here (Lexis Audio Editor mod apk) and download the latest APK.

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