AdClear Mod Apk V9.14.1.794-ga [No Root + Best Ad Blocker]

Hello mod users, today I am going to give you AdClear Mod Apk, you will know that AdClear is a very good adblocker app that if you install on your phone, it blocks a lot of ads in your phone like pop ads, unwanted apps, etc. So if you are browsing on the internet daily, then you must install this app.

In AdClear Apk you will get many amazing features which you can install immediately on seeing, then I have told all the features in full details below, you can read below.

You will find the AdClear app in the play store, but you will not be able to take advantage of many features in them because you will have to invest some money to use those features but… but… but… here you will get AdClear I am giving it for free in which you can take advantage of it all.

    What is AdClear Mod Apk?

    😃AdClear Content Blocker only works with Samsung Internet and Yandex Browser, which has "content blocking" feature implemented.

    AdClear Content Blocker will block annoying ads when surfing the web.

    Android users: this app is the solution for your ad block problems.

    You can learn more about AdClear at our website -

    As a bonus, AdClear Content Blocker will save battery, bandwidth, and loading time for users, and keep users safe from malware-infected ads.

    In a word, AdClear helps to block unwanted ads appearing in the phone and can avoid downloading unwanted apps on your phone.

    AdClear full APK is a free app that is popular by the name of SEVEN Networks designed for the Android and ios platform. And the interface of this app is very easy designed for users.

    AdClear APK has got 1,000,000+ installations with an average user rating of 3.9 stars in Google Playstore. It has some exceptional user reviews and ratings. AdClear APK is the best in the industry for tools category. If you haven’t Downloaded AdClear app for your Android mobile here is the Google Playstore link for you –

    Download AdClear Mod Apk

    AdClear Content Blocker
    Current Version
    7.4 MB
    Requires Android
    5.0 And Up
    Need Root

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    Explained All Features

    Adblocker Only for Yandex.Browser and Samsung Internet with customizable filters.

    AdClear Content Blocker is a free app that blocks ads in Yandex browser and Samsung Internet mobile browser on your Android device without requiring root access. AdClear’s ad blocking services don’t affect other apps and work specifically in these two web browsers.

    Save battery and data
    Not only do ads distract your attention and steal your time, but when you have to watch ads, especially video ads, it also drains your battery and a solid chunk of precious data on your device. With AdClear Content Blocker, you'll finally be able to leave the house without a charger and treat yourself to an extra coffee thanks to the data you saved.

    20+ adblock lists
    Choose from the best of all the existing filter lists, designed both by our own highly skilled specialists and by prominent community members. Enable general lists that cover most common ads, and combine them with our language-specific lists to ensure the best protection possible.

    Support your favorite content creators by adding their websites to the list of exceptions. There’s no need to turn AdClear off every time you're about to visit a known, trustworthy website that doesn't have any intrusive ads.

    Custom filters
    Our app gives you control over the filtering process. Add your own custom rules to block ads or hide any elements on the page, and allow them back at any point in the future.

    Secure your privacy
    The AdClear Team considers users' privacy as a main priority. We have years of experience in developing award-winning ad-blocking and privacy protection tools. We’ve made a name for ourselves as a vigilant guardian of your online safety by publishing multiple research papers in which we expose hazardous apps and unveil shady schemes to steal your personal data.

    Open Source
    AdClear Content Blocker is an open source ad blocker with the full project code available on GitHub: We want to be as transparent as possible to our users.


    Improved Ad-Blocking Quality and Speed
    • Visual improvements including new logo and graphics
    • Improved first-time setup, making it easier to get started blocking ads
    • Added translations to the DNS changer for all supported languages
    • Removed unnecessary permissions
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    How To Install

    To manually install any third-party app you will need to allow unknown source permission from your device.

    Go to Settings of your Android device
    Click on Security
    There you will find the Unknown Sources option.
    Click and Turn it on.
    Now download the latest AdClear Mod apk.
    Click on the AdClear apk file to install.
    Now Click on Install.
    Wait for a few seconds and you will see AdClear apk installed on your device
    Click on Done and Launch the app to start using the AdClear apk application.

    Some Users Review

    The Nation of Krakoa

    This add-on for Samsung Internet works. Some filters are not updated daily but if there's nothing to update, then that's fine. Could have been better if it can stop some redirects. But overall, this one's worth keeping.


    Working great thank you. I would rate it higher if I was able too. And the people who are complaining about ad's in apps if you take the time to read the full details it clearly states that it can not block them.

    Jan Morgan

    This app works so well blocking ads that many times I forget that it's on. It allows me to read a variety of articles with out all the interruptions which is great.

    D. H.

    Finally, I can navigate sites that were impossible to view previously or post comments on due to google ads and pop-ups covering the page when using Chrome. This ap is easy to use; click on the app icon and I'm ready to browse the internet without any annoying ads continuously blocking my view. Users, note. AdGuard is a browser. AdGuard doesn't block ad content if your using another browser such as Chrome, Brave, etc!

    FAQ Of AdClear Mod Apk

    Q. Is AdClear safe to use?
    ANS. Yes, it is fully safe.

    Q. How much does AdClear cost?
    ANS. Here you can download free of cost. 

    Q. Is AdClear spyware?
    ANS. AdClear. is a line of ad blocking and privacy protection software which comprises open-source and shareware products that protect Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS users from unwanted ads, pop-ups, banners, as well as from tracking, obscene content, malware and phishing.

    Q. Which is the best free adblocker?
    ANS. AdClear

    Q. Does AdClear work on apps?
    ANS. AdClear for Android, being a standalone app, can block ads in all browsers and even in other apps, and the filtering quality is so much higher. Why is AdClear for Android not in the Google Play Store? Google has a very peculiar policy towards ad blockers in Play Store.

    Q. How Can I download AdClear Mod apk for Free?
    ANS. To use AdClear Apk Free Visit here (AdClear Mod apk) and download the latest APK.

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