Chrooma Keyboard Pro Mod Apk V Helium-4.9.2 [All Free Features]

Hello mod users, today I am going to give you Chrooma Keyboard pro apk, you will know that Chrooma Keyboard is a very good keyboard app that if you install it on your phone, then with the help of this you can make your phone's keyboard very stylish Can design which will make your phone look very beautiful

In Chrooma Keyboard apk you will get many amazing features which you can install immediately on seeing, then I have told all the features in full details below, you can read below.

You will find the Chrooma Keyboard app in play store but you will not be able to take advantage of many features in them because you will have to invest some money to use those features but… but… but… here I am giving Chrooma Keyboard pro free, in which you can take advantage of it all.

    What is Chrooma Keyboard Pro Apk?

    😊Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight, emoji keyboard that adapts its color theme to the app you are using.

    According to Chrooma Keyboard is "the best Android app released in all of 2016"

    Chrooma Keyboard is powered by a smart artificial intelligence that provides you a better contextual prediction.

    Chrooma has a new exclusive neural action row that helps you with emojis, numbers and punctuations suggestions!

    And if emoji are not enough for you, with Chrooma Keyboard you can search and send all the GIF you want!

    Chrooma Keyboard is the keyboard theme if you want for a fully transformed keyboard!

    Chrooma Keyboard is tool to customize your android keyboard with beautiful themes.This Keyboard is stunning application you set your own photo as a keyboard background. Chrooma Keyboard provides different language,font styles,themes,dictionaries and settings.

    Chrooma Keyboard is the perfect keyboard theme if you want for a fully transformed keyboard! Personalize every aspect of your keyboard with our amazing customization options:

    Chrooma Keyboard now supports best themes! Not only can you customize keyboard backgrounds with photos you like, but also you have various wallpapers to choose! In addition, Chrooma Keyboard provides over lot kinds of key backgrounds, fonts and sound effects for you to create your favorite themes!

    Chrooma keyboard supports the input method and keyboard layout for over 120 languages. Get creative! Choose your favorite pictures, colors and completely customize your keyboard.

    Typany Keyboard delivers the fastest and most personalized keyboard offered. our completely FREE exclusive keyboard themes and emoji art.

    Chrooma Keyboard applies to whole device and for all apps.

    Make your keyboard very beautiful as your choice.

    Multiple Theme Support and you can free download all themes from play store.

    This Keyboard will allow you to set your photo on the background of the keyboard and use it as my photo keyboard.

    Chrooma Keyboard Pro full APK is a free app that is popular by the name of Loopsie SRL designed for the Android and ios platform. And the interface of this app is very easy designed for users.

    Chrooma Keyboard Pro APK has got 1,000,000+ installations with an average user rating of 4.4 stars in Google Playstore. It has some exceptional user reviews and ratings Chrooma Keyboard Pro APK is the best in the industry for the Personalisation category. If you haven’t Downloaded Chrooma Keyboard app for your Android mobile here is the Google Playstore link for you –

    Download Chrooma Keyboard Pro Mod Apk

    Chrooma Keyboard - RGB & Emoji Keyboard Themes
    Current Version
    V helium-4.9.2
    23 MB
    Requires Android
    4.0.3 And Up
    Need Root

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    Explained All Features

    Chrooma Keyboard always fit your style thanks to its high level of personalization (keyboard themes, font styles, emoji styles, keyboard size ...)

    Adaptive Themes
    Chrooma Keyboard features numerous adaptive and colourful keyboard themes. All the themes are elegant and will fit your phone style.

    But Chrooma Keyboard is not just a beautiful keyboard it's also a smart productivity tool.
    These are just some of the most cool features you will find in Chrooma Keyboard :

    GIF search
    With Chrooma Keyboard you have a dedicate GIF tab to search and send all the GIFs you want! Chrooma's GIF are supported by almost every app.

    Emoji Support
    Our keyboard supports automatic emoji suggestion and helps you by providing you your most used emoji .

    Chrooma supports all kind of emoji: iOS emoji, iPhone emoji and Android emoji.
    Chrooma is always updated to support the latest emoticons available.

    Colored Navbar
    Chrooma Keyboard automatically changes the color of your navbar according to the app you are using

    Gestures Integrated
    A lot of gesture, to fast delete, delete all, move cursor, fast selection!

    Multilanguage typing
    With Chrooma Keyboard you can write in multiple languages simultaneously without having to switch the keyboard every time.

    One Hand Mode and Split Layout
    Activate the one hand mode to type faster with just one thumb!
    Do you have a large screen? The split layout will help you typing faster !

    Gesture typing
    Tired of tapping ? You can write everything just by swiping your thumb over the keyboard.

    Night Mode
    Chrooma Keyboard can change automatically the color tone when low light is detected.
    You can also set a timer and program the night mode.

    ...and much more !


    We are continuously improving your typing experience!
    ★ Chrooma Keyboard Team
    ★ bugs fixed and optimizations

    How To Install

    To manually install any third-party app you will need to allow unknown source permission from your device.

    Go to Settings of your Android device
    Click on Security
    There you will find the Unknown Sources option.
    Click and Turn it on.
    Now download the latest Chrooma Keyboard Mod APK.
    Click on the Chrooma Keyboard APK file to install.
    Now Click on Install.
    Wait for a few seconds and you will see Chrooma Keyboard installed on your device
    Click on Done and Launch the app to start using the Chrooma Keyboard application.

    Some Users Review

    mahendra nath

    When i type very fast some letters are skipped and touch response is too low and struck for some milliseconds please solve this typing problem I am not judging but comparison do a fast typing with google keyboard and your keyboard (chrooma) touch response is very bad. And all gestures for deleting words are not working at times when i try to delete total sentence it takes 20 times to delete randomly 1 time it works
    suyash gurav

    Earlier there was a bug with this keyboard like the space bar but it's fixed and no issues yet so the keyboard is nice and smooth ad like it very much along with than rbg effect its like 2020 the boss is here 😍😍😍

    The Dad Guy

    This is a great keyboard if you want to customize the heck out of your board and still have a fluid experience with appropriate word predictions. It took maybe a week or longer to figure it out, but it was so worth it! I give it 5 stars for being the best I've ever used!

    Jeremy Good

    Featureful, sleek and the best RGB keyboard available for Android currently. I'd like it if a slider for the RGB theme speed were added, and perhaps a color spectrum cycling mode or ripple effect mode would be a nice option to add as well.

    FAQ Of Chrooma Keyboard  Pro Mod Apk

    Q. What is the Chrooma keyboard?
    Ans. Chrooma Keyboard is an intuitive, easy to use a virtual keyboard that actually works like a keyboard, and gave me an objectively lower rate of typos.

    Q. Is Chrooma Keyboard good?
    Ans. Yes, it best for android devices, ios, and windows

    Q. Is Chrooma Keyboard free?
    Ans. Yes it is free of cost

    Q. How Can I download Chrooma Keyboard Pro Mod apk for Free?
    Ans. To use Chrooma Keyboard Pro Free Visit here(Chrooma Keyboard Pro Mod apk) and download the latest APK.

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