System Monitor Mod Apk V7.3.1 [Bug Fixed + Ads Free]

Hello mod users, today I am going to give you the System Monitor Mod apk, you will know that System Monitor is a very good app with which you can monitor your phone very easily, in this post I gave all the information related to this app. You have provided the download link of this app for free and you can download this app for free by going to the download section.

In System Monitor apk you will get many amazing features, which you can install immediately on seeing, then I have described all the features in full details, you can read below.

You will find the System Monitor app in the play store, but you will not be able to take advantage of many features in them because you will have to invest some money to use those features but… but… but… here you will I am giving System Monitor free in which you can take advantage of it all.

    What is System Monitor Mod Apk?

    ๐Ÿ˜Monitor your system in a fast, complete and advanced way is very simple with System Monitor.
    Enjoy this app that comes with a Material Design and Widgets included!

    The most powerful System Monitor for Android, including a CPU monitor, storage cleaner,
    memory booster, battery doctor, battery saver. You can monitor CPU temperature, CPU frequency, storage usage, memory usage, battery temperature, battery health at the same time. System Monitor provides many kinds of powerful tools, including ram booster and cleaner, overheating alarm, overheating protection, one-tap boost, garbage collection, ram widget, CPU widget, battery widget, floating window. So download System Monitor now, speed up your phone and cool your phone! Detail feature list:

    Download System Monitor Mod Apk

    System Monitor
    Current Version
    V 7.3.1
    20 MB
    Requires Android
    4.0.3 And Up
    Need Root

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    Tasker Mod Apk


    Explained All Features

    ๐Ÿ’ก Cpu monitor
    Monitor the cpu temperature cpu frequency cpu activity cpu usage real time and show with curve table, analyze the cpu temperature and frequency history information and temperature ranking list, support the multicore cpu monitoring. Help you reduce cpu usage as phone cooler.

    ๐Ÿ’กDevice Information
    Show the detailed device information, including: cpu information, system information, hardware information, screen information .

    ๐Ÿ’ก Storage cleaner
    Clean the junk and save your storage, including:
    useless apk files, useless system garbage, junk of apps, residual files, system cache, apps cache, AD cache.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Ram analyzer and booster
    Analyze memory usage, clean the ram and speed up your phone, and you can set the ignore list based on your own personal needs.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Battery monitor
    Show the curve table of battery usage and temperature. Monitor the battery status, including: health, power status, voltage, level.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Battery saver and doctor
    Extends battery life and optimizing device settings to keep battery health. You can choose "LONG LIFE MODE" or "CUSTOM SAVE MODE".

    ๐Ÿ’ก One tap boost
    You can create the『One Tap Boost』shortcut, boost your phone very convenient.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Temperature overheating alarm and overheating protection
    System Monitor will trigger an alarm when cpu's or battery's temperature is overheating, you can choose open or close the overheating alarm as your like.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Floating window
    Floating window show the CPU temperature, battery temperature, ram usage real time, including: status bar floating window and desktop floating window.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Widget
    Support ram widget, cpu widget and battery widget.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Multi-Theme
    Powerful System Monitor is very beautiful and support multi-theme switching, you can choose the theme you like.


    • CPU usage and frequencies for each core
    • Total CPU usage and average frequency
    • CPU frequency graph for each core
    • Time spent on each CPU frequency state
    • GPU usage and frequency*
    • RAM usage and ability to clear RAM
    • Network activity
    • Disk I/O activity (internal and SD card)
    • Test disks' read/write speeds (internal or external)
    • File browser with support for basic operations (copy,cut,delete)
    • Cache cleaner (optionally requires ROOT)
    • View list of active apps and processes and their CPU usage, RAM usage, network activity, PID and UID.
    • Kill processes as ROOT (only works on rooted devices)**
    • View temperatures of all of the thermal zones
    • View battery health and temperature
    • Ability to keep running in the background despite being swiped away from the recent tasks list
    • Floating mode - shows system monitor data on a little floating window on top of other apps
    • Dark UI theme
    • No ads (PRO-only)


    ★ bugs fixed and optimizations

    How To Install

    To manually install any third-party app you will need to allow unknown source permission from your device.

    Go to Settings of your Android device
    Click on Security
    There you will find the Unknown Sources option.
    Click and Turn it on.
    Now download the latest System Monitor Mod APK.
    Click on System Monitor APK file to install.
    Now Click on Install.
    Wait for a few seconds and you will see System Monitor installed on your device
    Click on Done and Launch the app to start using the System Monitor Mod application.

    Some Users Review

    Phillip Bailey

    I've only just installed this but I had to come back within minutes to rate it because it's so good! It's exactly what I wanted first time (which is rare) and it is so beautifully simple and clear while delivering multiple data points - a pleasure to use. Well done to the developer, I'd give 6 stars if I could ☺

    Matthieu Barets

    Very good app, user friendly interface. I just miss a way to see what amount of ram and CPU is used by each app, much like the task manager of Windows. Still worth 5 stars for the data provided, the cost (free) and for the well designed interface

    Mauricio Guerrero

    Excellent. Can you please add disk use by application? To see what's causing tons of disk activity. For example 256mb of cache disk use it a lot for an app i never open. Unusual activity causing slow downs can be detected.

    Shinichiro Ogasawara

    First of all thank you guys for making this apps. It has a lot of purpose on many other devices specially to me. When my device lags and i dont know what to kill app im the background processes it took me to format my phone always because of misinterpretation which lag causes my devices.. But i found this app. Just wow!! I can finally check what apps are causing my cpu boom!! So when my phones hitting up and laging. So simple no need to restart device or format. Just open this app check what apps are eating your cpu. Then manually kill that damn app. Boom best ever apps. No adds no lag no waste of time no waste of money. I salute you devs! Make more helpful!! Well support u

    FAQ Of System Monitor Mod Apk

    Q. What Is System Monitor?
    Ans.  Monitor your system in a fast, complete and advanced way is very simple with System Monitor. Enjoy this app that comes with a Material Design and Widgets included!

    Q. Is the System Monitor good?
    Ans. Yes, it best for android devices, ios, and windows.

    Q. Is System Monitor Apk free?
    Ans. Yes it is free of cost

    Q. How Can I download System Monitor Mod apk for Free?
    Ans. To use System Monitor Free Visit here(System Monitor Mod Apk) and download the latest APK.

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